Greetings Sugar - Drunken revelations (with Bogdan Serban)

Greetings sugar - Drunken revelations
With Bogdan Serban
(sequel - part 2 of 2)

Producer: Alexandra Buzas
DOP: Boroka Biro
Editor: Eugen Kelemen
1st AC: Carmen Tofeni
2nd AC: Adrian Gnevnoi
1st AD: Tinu Bazga
Gaffer: Daniel Ciobanu

Special thanks to:
Bogdan Popescu - R3 Film Rental
Point Hub for the location
Alina Bucur
Ioana Mitu
Simona Radoi
Imre Lajos

Mix/Master: Alexandru Ispas

Greetings sugar is an alternative dark-hearted band from Bucharest, Romania. Formed by Stefan Eremia on vocals and Gabriel Kirmaier on guitar, the band’s manifesto is best described by a quote from Arcade Fire’s Will Butler: ”Dancing with a tear in your eye”. The band is focusing on a rhythmical direction with trumpets as recurring elements, however their music challenges the notion of “genre” by being a blend of many influences. Andrei Cebotaru joined the band on keyboards.


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